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The ultimate family cargo bike with car-like comfort


福利视频导航7 m-Fast, safe and super easy to ride e-cargo bike with car-like comfort.

Starting at € 4.999
Safe and fun

福利视频导航7 m-Because the MK1-E leans into the turns it's both fast and safe at the same time. The 3 wheels makes the cargo bike stable to ride with kids and the ability to lean makes it comfortable and safe on uneven roads and while turning.

Perfect for kids

japanesewiif0孕妇-Having your kids in front of you is great. They are safe and comfortable at the same time. When the Mk1-E leans into the turns it is a natural and thrilling roller-coaster sensation, that brings smiles to all faces.

No sweat to ride

新久小草在线-Going uphill or riding long distances? With the integrated and powerful Bosch Performance CX motor, you can easily get with your kids and groceries without breaking a sweat.

                  • 福利视频导航7 m-Reviews

                    The MK1-E has recieved 
                    “A new paradigm of cargo bikes”
                    - Simon Vincett, RideOn Magazine
                    “If Apple designed an electric bicycle, it would be the MK1-E. From beautiful design to performance and state-of-the-art utility...”
                    - Jacqui Boland, Red Tricycle
                    “... the clean design, the thought-through features and the high-quality build, the MK1-E is still the benchmark of its niche...”
                    - Sven Külpmann,
                    “The MK1-E handles superbly and is one piece of formidable technical design”
                    - Lasse Skou Hauschildt, Danish Cyclists’ Federation

                    1024 ccm香蕉在线观看-BEST CARGO BIKE 2017

                                                    Voted by thousands of people around Europe the MK1-E won the category BEST CARGO BIKE 2017 at the Cyclingworld Düsseldorf 2017 show.

                                                    126 Dealers world-wide 
                                                    26 Countries 

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